GOLDEN TALENT – comparte vídeos de fútbol

Una aplicación móvil para los amantes de jugar al fútbol. Entrena, mejora tus habilidades, comparte tus vídeos, consigue likes y llegarás al equipo de la semana.

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Comparte tus videos de futbol y muestra tus habilidades.

Mejora con los entrenamientos que te proponemos

Consigue llegar al equipo de la semana.

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Do you accept the challenge? Show the world your talent with the app GoldenTalent.

GoldenTalent is the most complete app for amateur football players of all ages. Sign up and create your sheet, record and upload videos showing your athletic skills, train like professionals to overcome your limits and participate in the challenges each week will propose a pro football star. Beaters large teams will be watching you …

Only a smartphone need and desire to train hard to become a NEW FOOTBALL LEGEND!

Download GoldenTalent FREE!


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GoldenTalent is the first application for mobile devices designed to detect, publicize and help improve future professionals of football.

– Participates in the challenges: every week, an elite player will pose a challenge that must be overcome. Do not put it easy!

– If you manage to overcome the challenges, you’ll get great gifts.

– Register and create a data sheet with your data so that your abilities can be discovered.

– Customize your avatar and get improvements overcoming challenges and workouts.

– Record and upload videos with your phone of your best plays.

– Share them in GoldenTalent for other users to review, give advice, challenge you or congratulate you.

– Each month the most voted videos will be highlighted by users.

– Improve your technique training. They will help you develop aspects such as speed, aim, power, etc.

– Have you trained hard? Have you overcome the challenges? Then you can become part of goldenteam, each week brings together the best players. Become a site and show what you are capable!

– Beaters: GoldenTalent is not just an App to improve but also allows beaters PROFESSIONAL DISCOVER NEW TALENTS.

– You can share your achievements in GoldenTalent and other social networks to have more visibility.

It is the best the app GoldenTalent is designed to be primarily a fun game: you encouraged to practice sport, improve with practice and study of the art and share your progress with others to motivate and further develop your skills . So GoldenTalent is ideal for football fans all ages app.